Licence Summary

Medicimage Rights Managed and Royalty Free Content

  • “Royalty Free Content”
    Medicimage grants to You on behalf of the Seller (Licence Owner) a non-exclusive and non-assignable right to reproduce the images worldwide and perpetual basis for

    • Advertising material (incl. packaging)
    • Online and other electronic distribution (web pages)
    • Broadcasts and theatrical exhibition
    • Any products (for sale) and publications
    • Materials for personal, non-commercial use
  • “Rights Managed Content”“Rights Managed” material is licensed on a per-use basis (“Rights Managed Content”). Except for Content that Medicimage has expressly designated as “Royalty-Free”, all Content that You access from this Site will be Rights Managed Content. If You have a Content License (i.e., through either a License Agreement or an Invoice) for a particular item of Rights Managed Content, You are hereby granted a limited right to use such Rights Managed Content in the manner, via the media or platforms (“Licensed Platform”), and in the territories, expressly identified in the applicable License Agreement or Invoice, as the case may be. Your use of the Rights Managed Content also will be subject to these License Terms and any limitations or other terms, such as duration or number of permitted uses, that are specified in the License Agreement or Invoice, as applicable. All licenses with respect to Rights Managed Content are non-exclusive, unless and only to the extent the applicable License Agreement or Invoice indicates that the license is exclusive.
    Copyright, trademarks are not allowed to be removed when placed or embedded in the image
  • You may alter, crop, manipulate and create derivatives from the images
  • You may share the images by creating an image library for max 10 individuals employed
  • You may not sublicense, sell, assign, …etc
  • You may reproduced/used for editorial purposes (non-promotional purpose) any Image provided Credit line “(Contributor’s or agency’s name)/Medicimage” is included
  • The images may not be distributed by a mobile phone as a standalone file
  • You must not incorporate the image into a logo, trademark or service mark
  • Models shown with a product & service – must include a statement “for illustrative purpose”
  • Medicimage does not warrant the accuracy of the captioning, keywording or any other image information
  • You may not use the image for pornographical, defamatory, fraudulent, lewd, obscene content.

The Contributor Agreement Summary

  • You are signing up to submit Images and have them sold by Medicimage
  • You are responsible for the content You upload, and You must be the copyright holder or have their permission or be contractually entitled to distribute the Image for its proposed use. use or the Image is copyright free
  • We will pay You 50% of a direct sale (VAT excluded) made by Medicimage for images not exclusive to Medicimage
  • Notice period 30 days
  • We report sales to You as soon as the transaction has completed
  • We’ll pay every month if Your balance is over 50 EUR
  • Prices are solely determined by You
  • The information You supply must be correct, particularly when talking about model or property releases
  • Medicimage’s customers cannot use photos for pornographic, defamatory, or any other unlawful purposes. For further details on the usage rights granted to Medicimage’s customers You may access the Seller Agreement You need to be registered as a seller to see it.